First posts are awkward.

I’ll start by telling you the purpose of this little space I’ve created for myself. It’s simply that I need a place to record my thoughts. I’m always reading, thinking, analyzing, dreaming, and scheming (in a good way – usually, ha!) and I want a place to write things out. (My husband suggested I do videos but I’d rather write.) Typing for my blog is easier and faster than hand written journal entries. Posts onĀ my very own website might actually be seen by someone, some day, but if not that’s okay, too.

I’ll be writing about all kinds of things related to my life. Topics will be diverse – whatever I happen to be thinking about that day: a response to something I read, watched, or witnessed, current events, politics, Christianity, the modern church (lower case “c”) and it’s effect on attendees, medical freedom, autoimmune disease, parenting, friendship in adulthood… and more!

This should be fun!

P.S. Why “Mighty Violet?” I’m weak on my own but I’m made strong through my Lord Jesus Christ!